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EE Hunt and Phyllis Eveleth Student Prizes

About the Edward E. Hunt, Jr. and Phyllis Eveleth Student Awards

The E. E. Hunt and Phyllis Eveleth Awards recognize two graduate students who have presented an outstanding paper or poster at the Annual Meetings. Papers/posters submitted for this award must be based on novel analysis and interpretation of primary or secondary data, and if multi-authored, the student must be the sole or first author and responsible for at least 80% of the data analysis and writings. Papers/posters are evaluated on the basis of the quality of the research, analysis and presentation by the Publication Committee. Recipients are honored at the annual meeting Awards Luncheon.

2024 EE Hunt Award Winner: Elijah Watson

Congratulations to Elijah Watson, our 2024 Edward E. Hunt, Jr. Student Award winner!

Elijah receives the award for his outstanding podium presentation, “Evaluating the convergent and predictive validity of epigenetic age acceleration measured from common epigenetic clocks in Cebu, Philippines” at the HBA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

2024 Phyllis Eveleth Award Winner: Amanda Rowlands

Congratulations to Amanda Rowlands, our 2024 Phyllis Eveleth Student Award winner!

Amanda receives the award for her outstanding poster presentation, “Changes in stress axis and metabolic energy patterns from pre- to post-menarche in a group of Mayan girls– A preliminary analysis” at the HBA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

Past Recipients of the Edward E. Hunt, Jr. Student Award

1994 Hilton P. Silva

1995 Warren M. Wilson

1996 Tina Moffat

1997 Victoria A. Galloway

1998 Lori J. Fitton, Susan L. Johnston

1999 Barbara A. Piperata, Thomas W. McDade

2000 Audrey C. Choh, Chris W. Kuzawa

2001 Deborah E. Schechter, Daniel J. Hrushka, Brandon A. Kohrt

2002 Corey S. Sparks, Megan J. Wilson

2003 Kathleen M. Lindsay, Alejandra Núñez-de la Mora

2004 FL Barbara Arredi, Kristen L. Knutson

2005 Regina Yaskey, Rohina Rubicz

2006 Chim W. Chan, Deborah Schechter

2007 Julia Ravenscroft, Sdja Pieta Kristiina Näsänen-Gilmore

2008 Elizabeth Gomes, Miguel Vilar

2009 Erin O’Neill, E. A. Quinn

2010 Mwenza Blell, Zachary DuBois

2011 Felicia Madimenos, Melissa Liebert

2012 Lauren Houghton, Benjamin Trumble, Genevieve Ritchie-Ewing (Honorable Mention)

2013 Asher Rosinger, Zaneta Thayer

2014 Cara Ocobock, Sam Urlacher

2015 Asher Y Rosinger, Traci A Bekelman

2016 Morgan Hoke

2017 Jennifer Washabaugh

2018 Isaura Godinez

2019 Carmen Hové

2021 Samantha McCrane

2022 Andrea Silva-Caballero

2023 Dee Jolly

​Recipients of the Phyllis Eveleth Student Award

2016 Elizabeth Frame

2017 Ruby Fried

2018 Natasha Hoehn

2019 Jelena Jankovic

2021 Khristopher Nicholas

2022 Rachael Anyim

2023 Sofia Shreyer

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