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Planning for the 49th Annual meeting of the Human Biology Association

March 20-22, 2024 | Los Angeles, CA, USA

Registration and general abstract submission for the 2024 HBA Meeting are not yet open.

The meeting will be hybrid, with both in person and online participation and presentation.

*All abstracts will be accepted in English and Spanish*

*Todas las resúmenes serán aceptadas en inglés y español*

Poster presentations

In-person poster presenters: The maximum allowable poster size is 3ft 10in wide x 4ft high (116 cm x 120 cm) since two posters will be sharing an 8ft x 4ft board. Please adhere to the size restriction and be mindful of your neighbor’s space. The title should be legible from 8 feet (2.5 meters), and the rest should be easily readable from 5 feet (1.5 meters), i.e., text font size ≥18 point and heading font size ≥30 point. Use consistent fonts and letter sizes throughout. Use short, informative ("headline" style) captions to convey the key point of each figure. Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, or jargon. Figures and tables should occupy ~half of the poster. As most people read technical text at a rate of ≤250 words per minute, limit the text to 1500–2000 words (<10 minutes reading time). “Go Green” and skip lamination. 

Podium presentations

Presentations are limited to 12 minutes to allow for ascending/descending the podium and 2–3 minutes for questions. 

In-person podium presenters: IBM-compatible PCs will be at the podium for projection of PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat files. You may not use your own PC. You must bring your file on a USB drive. Save files such that they can be read by a variety of PCs, in both .ppt and .pptx formats. Mac-users must add the .ppt or .pptx extension to the filename. Under Page Setup, the presentation should be set to “On-screen show.” If you use PowerPoint’s “Pack and Go” feature, have the original .ppt file available on USB device just in case. To detect compatibility “issues” and avoid podium panic, virus check your entire USB device, and check your presentation on an IBM-compatible PC other than the one used to prepare the presentation. Many people also save a .pdf copy of their presentation although animations will not work in this format. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the Podium Session to upload your presentation.

Virtual presenters should contact Amanda Veile, Program Chair: hbameets@purdue.edu

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